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Welcome to BETA! BETA is an online cryptocurrency multi currency staking wallet with integrated dice game which = RISK or REWARD!
Brought to you by Zealium Coin of course.
We enabled these coins too,

ZOC 01 Coin POW Non Staking
DACHX Staking Enabled
XUEZ Staking Enabled
HASH Staking Enabled
LYTX Staking Enabled
Lunarium Staking Enabled
Xavander Testing Staking

Players (dice rollers) can try to win the on-site Invested coins. Anyone who wants can Invest their coins in the house bankroll.
To earn staking reward you MUST Invest your ZEALIUM or your other 'Staking Enabled' coins.
But Be Warned Players. These INVESTED coins hold a 5% provably fair house edge over YOU
And Be Warned Investors. It is possible that YOU may lose instead.
You have a 5% advantage, but are still involved in the carnage.
House Takes 5% Of All Staking Rewards. Good Luck LUNARTICS!
Panic Stations Dice-Age discord support channel :)

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